We offer specialised tax services to those who work in the construction industry under the CIS tax scheme.
We work with Contractors & Subcontractors & have a dedicated team of CIS experts on hand to advise you.

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What is CIS Tax

CIS stands for Construction Industry Scheme. It’s a special HMRC tax scheme just for the construction industry. Under the scheme, contractors are required make CIS tax deductions from their subcontractors and pay this money to HMRC. When the subcontractor submits their CIS subcontractor tax return at the end of the tax year, most or all of their tax has already been paid. The standard CIS tax deduction is 20%, so if you’re a CIS subcontractor, you could have overpaid tax and be due a tax rebate.

who we are

Ivy Accountants offer specialised tax services to those who work in the construction industry under the CIS tax scheme. We have successfully assisted our clients in obtaining tax refunds from HMRC. We provide an efficient and friendly service from our initial contact with you through to repayment of your overpaid taxes, where applicable. We can offer a fixed fee service with no hidden costs or surprises. 

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our cIS service

With our knowledge and expertise we are able to offer a turnkey service, preparation of accounts, completion of Self Assessment Returns and application for tax refunds. We pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of client service and this continues to be maintained by our personal approach to each and every client, an understanding of their situation with a service tailored to their specific needs.

HMRC is becoming more and more aggressive in handing out penalties, and you must ensure you have your tax affairs in order. You must ensure you are filing tax returns correctly and even where you have a nil payment to make. Under the new rules, penalties will be payable to HMRC, irrespective of whether you owe or have overpaid tax, should your Self Assessment Return not be filed on time.

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Not only do we serve local subcontractors but we cover operatives all over the UK. We can help with CIS registration, Gross Payment status issues, Tax Refund claims and Self Assessment CIS returns.

To accommodate the increasing pressures on sub contractors, we offer evening and Saturday appointments. If you would like to arrange to discuss your tax affairs with one of our CIS experts, then please contact us here and we will contact you to book a date and time.

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self assessment tax returns

Doing your tax self assessment every year can be complicated and stressful, especially if you're in the Construction Industry. There are lots of HMRC rules and regulations to understand and, even when doing your tax return online, it's not clear how to complete each field correctly. To top this off the rules around self employment tax change frequently, so there's something new to learn every year.
Unlike other tax return services, we have a dedicated team of Construction Industry experts who specialise in tax refunds so you can be confident we'll claim every penny of self employed tax relief you're entitled to. We can even look back four years to see if you could claim more.

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Tax Refunds made easy

If your work required you to drive your own vehicle or get public transport to different locations, for example travelling to different building sites, there’s a good chance that you’re due a tax refund. The good news is we can make is a painless process and can help you claim for the last four years. And the great news is that the average four year refund is around £2,500, we've even had clients who received a lot more.
Why not get in touch and one of Construction Industry experts will walk you through the process and manage your claim. You could receive your money within 6-8 weeks usually, but we can speed up the process if its urgent.

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