Whether you're a self employed contractor, currently using your own limited company or want to form a new one, our contractor accounting services can help make your life easier.

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how we help contractors

We can help contractors access a range of tax efficient working options that offer more financial rewards than a standard Umbrella Company or traditional Limited Company. Our dedicated team of accountants will organise all the invoicing, payments and tax calculations for your Limited company while ensuring you minimise any tax bills you have to pay. Our best in class accountancy services have helped our clients save time & money.

brands our clients work with

We work with contractors who are providing their services to a wide range of industry sectors and global brands including Unilever, Siemens, Sony and more. We are able to assist and advise them on the most tax efficient structure to form and ensure we manage their accounts and HMRC compliance on a regular basis. Furthermore, we review their employment status and contract for IR35, and advise on how best to avoid the IR35 trap. We are able to work out a suitable financial plan whereby they are paid a payroll and dividend value to fund their lifestyle whilst maintaining a low tax liability. See some the brands our clients work with below.