Our culture is to combine the resources and experience of a large firm with the agility, creativity and personal approach of a small firm. This dynamic spirit drives us to look for smarter ways to deliver our service.

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As a limited company, you need to prepare and submit annual accounts and corporation tax returns. Our experienced team of accountants can cover the preparation, filing and necessary correspondence with the various agencies on your behalf. For just one fixed fee, these activities can be managed leaving you to get on with your business.

Why not use your Annual accounts to help grow your profit. Our Commercial Managers will help generate useful commercial conclusions from the somewhat less than useful statutory accounts process. Once the statutory accounts are complete, our Accounts team and Commercial Managers will begin work on a “Business Performance” report which aims to deliver actionable commercial guidance designed to help increase profitability and growth.  

Reviewing these conclusions provides our clients with the chance to identify and exploit competitive advantages and to set targets and objectives for the coming year. We analyse your performance over the year and highlight areas of weakness or poor performance which could be remedied to extract profit and cost savings. If this sounds of interest, get in touch for an initial chat with us.

Tax returns

Whether you need help with VAT returns, Corporation Tax, PAYE, or Personal Tax, here at Ivy we can help. Each tax type can be dealt with as part of another one of our comprehensive services, and we can even provide tax planning guidance for inheritance tax and capital gains tax too.

We know that running your business is hard enough without stressing over tax returns and whether you'll fall foul of the complicated rules. Why not let our team of experienced professionals take care of your tax returns and queries while leaving you to get on with running your business.

What’s more our team of highly accomplished tax advisers help ensure you are taking full advantage of the tax reliefs appropriate to the specific circumstances of your business.


You should decide whether or not it's in your best interest to register for VAT from the time of starting up. Whether you decide to register now or in the future, both the profitability and the cash flow of your business will be affected. One of the main advantages of registering for VAT when you do start-up is you'll be able to reclaim VAT on purchases made before you start trading.

Don't worry though, if you find it's best to register at a later point in time HMRC have made it possible for traders to reclaim VAT prior to their registration provided the claim is made within certain time limits. For further guidance on VAT registration please speak to one of our specialists.
If you are undertaking a new venture, it is especially important that you have the procedures in place to ensure you avoid potential VAT pitfalls. Unpaid VAT and penalties for VAT errors can inflict significant damage on your business, so it is vital that all such risks are eliminated.

For further guidance on VAT and registration please speak to one of our specialists.

EIS/SEIS Schemes

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), offer a number of generous tax incentives to individuals investing in certain qualifying trading companies. The Enterprise Investment Scheme is targeted at small and medium sized trading companies, whereas the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme offers tax incentives for investment into startups and businesses trading f.or less than two years.

For further guidance on how we can support you with EIS and SEIS please speak to one of our advisers.


Nobody really likes dealing with financial paperwork, except accountants. Our bookkeeping services enable you to worry less about the paperwork and more about running your business. Undertaken remotely from our offices, or via regular visits to your premises by our friendly and professional bookkeeper. We can be flexible with the hours required to fit around your requirements, business and schedule.


Our payroll services are comprehensive, and we currently manage payroll for a number of clients from different industries either on a weekly or a monthly basis from one employee up to 50. We can deal with the HMRC directly on your behalf as well as providing you with information to help you to manage the wage cost side of your business and ensure you are taking advantage of all tax reliefs available to your business.

Company Formations

Starting a new business can be very daunting. We can assist with limited company formations for only £49, and we can get you registered for taxes like VAT and PAYE. We can help with opening a bank account, sourcing of finance and preparing business plans.

What’s more we can advise you on the key areas of your business you need to keep an eye on to ensure you are working towards your business goals. Why not get in touch to discuss what the best company structure is for you and we can have you up and running in no time at all.

Company Secretarial

With a limited company comes certain legal obligations; failure to comply can potentially result in severe penalties for directors. This is why it’s important to have somebody manage these tasks to ensure you don’t fall foul of the law and HMRC and find yourself facing penalties and legal action.

We can assist you with both the burden and the worry by helping with your Company Secretarial duties. We can set up new limited companies including HMRC registration for VAT and PAYE. For a fixed annual fee we can process statutory paperwork and can also act as your Company Secretary.

Projections & Budgeting

Budgeting is an essential part of good business management. We can produce month by month budgets for your business, forecasting sales, profits and future cash requirements. We work closely with you to ensure all aspects of the business are covered, identifying threats, future problems and opportunities for improvement.

Our team can review your monthly management figures alongside the budget and highlight variances, giving you a clear picture of how your business is performing against your plans. What’s more we can produce a set of forecasts to support a business plan or loan application. Our forecasts aren’t just a set of numbers, we build in robust variables to ensure you are in a position to support your numbers when sitting in front of the bank manager.

We build your forecast around a robust set of assumptions and then work in some factors to test just how strong these assumptions are. This is exactly what a bank manager wants to see and we ensure you are prepared for this. We work with you to ensure you are in the best position when applying for loans and seeking investment.

Business Plans

Our team of consultants’ can help you put together a carefully thought out business plan that covers key areas including a SWOT analysis, the market, trading structure, operations and profitability and much more. The plan includes specific action points and objectives. Additionally we can use the business plan to create a financial model and financial forecasts as part of our forecasting and budgeting service.

Here we can create cash flow statements, profit and loss forecasts and a balance sheet. These are particularly important when seeking external funding. If you are looking to raise external funding for your business then a good business plan is a key asset to help demonstrate your commercial and management credibility.

credit control

Our credit control procedures can help ensure you get paid on time; and improve your cash flow. We can review the health of your working capital and highlight areas where cash can be freed up and used more efficiently. In our experience working with clients, we are able to release on average 20% of the cash tied up in working capital allowing the business to better invest this spare cash or simply keep it in the bank.